"UnterMix 1162 AL" new generation hardening speed liquid for wet and dry eruption concrete

"UnterMix 1162 AL" new generation hardening speed liquid for wet and dry eruption concrete

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Product description

It is a new generation, alcali free, highly effective liquid accelerating the hardening process  for wet and dry shotcrete, , and providing higher resistance at final stages compared to conventional surface hardeners.

Fields of Application

This product can be applied in the following areas:

  • Tunnels;
  • Mines;
  • Temporary or long-term hardening of rocky surfaces;
  • In the use of shotcrete where one-time obtainment of thicker layers is required;
  • In all sorts of shotcrete where high initial and final resistance is required;


  • Allows a one-time use of shotcrete in the form of thick layers by means of spray in hardening tunnel ceilings due to its quick hardening ability ;
  • Compressive strength is 15-20% high in comparison to conventional hardeners;
  • The liquid accelerating the hardening process with spray gun, is easily sprayed by means of air;
  • Dust-free and secure;
  • Increases occupational safety and quality, preventing health problems such as skin burns, lack of vision, because of its being free of alcalies unlike conventional hardening accelerators;
  • The UnterMix 1162 product reduces to minimum the risk of contamination of chemical underground waters emerging during the use of caustic aluminate-based conventional hardening accelerators;
  • Provides high effectiveness and saving even under low doses.

Preparation of surface. The surface should be thoroughly removed of any kind of fat, rust, paraffin, and other residues preventing adhesion, and there should not be any residues remained on the surface. To save the adhesion, the surface should be cleaned with high-pressure water, and the product should be applied onto wet surface.

Selection of cement. To prevent negative effect during the period of hardening, fresh cement should be used. It is recommended to apply portland cement or sulfate-resistant cement to provide quick hardening of shotcrete.

Preparation of mixture. The water/cement ratio of shotcrete should be less than 0,45. This leads to the acceleration of hardening, obtaining of high initial and final strength, formation of thick layers on ceilings in more effective manner using smaller amounts of hardeners.

Application. During the application of wet system shotcrete, UnterMix 1162 is added to the concrete with a separate hose by means of pipe. During the application of dry system shotcrete, UnterMix 1162  is mixedwith water in a corresponding ratio before application. The mixture is added to the dry concrete mixture from a separate hose by means of spray gun.

Compatibility with other admixtures

The UnterMix 1162  product can be used in accordance with the following products:

  • Floton series super plasticizers;
  • Bematon series the newest generation super plasticizers;
  • Together with mineral admixtures, such as quartz sand, volcanic ash, and slag.

Technical specifications


Transparent, brown

Composition of product

Aluminum hydroxide


1,37 kg/liter

Acidity (pH)


Chlorine amount (EN 480-10)



10 kg cans, 200 kg casks,

1000 kg tanks, equipment with special tanks Special transport containers


Consumption of the UnterMix 1162 product depends on concrete, surface and air temperature. Another important factor is compatibility with cement used. For this, prior tests should be done in order to define a corresponding consumption.

Depending on the application area, period of hardening, and resistance, the UnterMix 1162 product can be applied in the amount between 3-8% of the mass of mineral adhesive products (cement, volcanic ash, quartz sand, slag). In case the consumption exceeds the indicated limits, the final hardness limit may fall down.

Shelf Life and  storage

The product should be stored at the temperature of more than +50C. In case of freezing, the product should be mixed with a mechanical mixer until it is totally homogeneous. The storage period is 3 months from the manufacturing date.


  • When using the product,observe the operational and occupational safety regulations, and wear the corresponding safety clothing, safety gloves, glasses, and respirators;
  • Taking into consideration that the product is complex mixture, immediately rinse it with water in case of contact with skin or eyes;
  • Do not add any substances not indicated in the terms of use;
  • The above parameters were received on the basis of laboratory tests conducted in the ambient conditions of +230C±20C temperature and 50% +5% humidity. Depending on the ambient conditions these parameters may be changed.

Warranty and technical support

  • Information indicated in the technical specifications is based on scientific and practical knowledge;
  • “Matanat А" company is responsible only for the product quality;
  • Except for the works carried out under the guidance of the company specialists, “Мatanat  А" company bears no responsibility for any problems that may occur as a result of improper use of the product by other users;
  • The company reserves the right to make changes to its product that may occur due to a scientific and technnological development;
  • For technical support or more information please do not hesitate to contact “Matanat А" company!