Let’s look at the advantages provided for its employees by “MATANAT A”, as the leading company in the market which is always committed to its values and principles.

Our advantages are the followings:

We are always in search of more efficient and modern solutions based on the regular analysis of our activity;

We ensure the continuous personnel development;

We apply educational and training programs for our employees corresponding to the jobs;

We organize regular internal and external courses and trainings aimed at professional development of our personnel;

The organized educational and training programs enables the younger personnel to become specialist in the field of activity;

We seize every opportunity for making progress in our business activity, together with your career promotion;

We are bound in honor to support those people who acknowledge their capacity and strengths, who have inquiring mind and time management skills, who are purpose-driven, self-motivated, determined and self-starter;

Our social benefits: We provide transportation of employees from home to the place of work and back, daily delicious dinner, corporate and public events, etc.

Those who are willing to be a member of this corporate family and build their future with “MATANAT A” can take their opportunity to build a brilliant career.