The Master Club is the first club in Azerbaijan, comprised of a large number of craftsmen, which brings together the specialist in various fields. The Club holds regular training workshops and meetings of professional craftsmen using the products of “Matanat A”. The purpose of the establishment of “Matanat A” Master Club is to enhance the cooperation with you, to held regular meeting for exchange of information, to adjust our activity to your needs and wishes, to associate the craftsmen engaged in tiling, plastering, waterproofing, etc. in houses, offices and other places.

The activity of the Club is aimed at improving the professional knowledge and skills of the craftsmen through the workshops, booklets, brochures and other information media, assisting them in servicing to increase the efficiency of their activity, urging our customers to employ the services of the members of the club in tiling, plastering, waterproofing other works in houses, offices and other places.