"Staltop EX-50" solvent-free epoxide based two-component surface hardener

"Staltop EX-50" solvent-free epoxide based two-component surface hardener

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Product description

Epoxide based solvent-free two-component surface hardener, transparent or colored.

Fields of Application

This surface hardener can be applied in the following areas:

  • chemical and medical industries;
  • food and beverage industry;
  • sterile rooms;
  • laboratories and hospitals;
  • control rooms;
  • storage facilities;
  • nuclear energy facilities;
  • thermal and hydro power plants.


  • shows high resistance to mechanical and chemical impacts;
  • has anti-bacteria features;
  • perfect material for hygienic conditions;
  • easy cleaning;
  • high adhesive force;
  • dirt-resistant.

Application procedures

Preparation of the surface. The surfaces to be treated with the Staltop EX-50 product should be primed with suitable Staltop primer before application. Transparent Staltop EX-50 product can also be used as primer. The product should be applied to completely cover the pre-primed surface. When applying the product the surface temperature should be at least +50C.

Preparation of the mixtureThe Staltop EX-50 product is manufactured ready for application taking into consideration the proportion of the mixture. Prior to preparation of the material the ambient temperatures level between +150C and +250C should be provided. Component A of the Staltop EX-50 product has pigment composition. Thoroughly mix Component A using a 300-400 RPM mechanical mixer till the color is entirely homogeneous. Then pour the total amount of Component B into Component A. Mix the received mixture for at least 3 minutes using the 300-400 RPM mechanical mixer till it is entirely homogeneous. The materials on the inside walls and bottom of the mixing container should be thoroughly mixed as well. Wait a little before pouring the mixture from the mixing container into another metal container. Then mix again for 1 minute and then the product is ready for application. Before applying the Staltop EX-50 surface hardener, the mixtures of the product with quartz sand in 1.0/1.5 or 1.0/2.0 proportions may be used.

Mixing ratio

Staltop EX-50

Component A

Component B

Amount of the mixture

6 kg

3 kg

Mixture density

1.10 kg/l

Application. Apply the Staltop EX-50 product onto the surface at required thickness using a toothed trowel. Depending on the conditions of the obtained layer of the required thickness after the product application, it may be necessary to remove the air entrapped in it. Use a roller stitcher for this.

Recommendations. At the time of application the surface temperature should be between +50C and +300C. The product should not be used in rainy or windy weather conditions, and at excessive temperatures. Materials used in the process should be delivered to the construction site at corresponding temperature 1-2 days before the works, placed to storage and kept in accordance with the specified weather conditions. In case the product is applied in very cold weather conditions, the ambient and surface temperatures should be increased with the help of a heater. At the time of application the temperature of the packed product should be between +200C and +250C. Epoxide and polyurethane based surface hardeners should be applied by qualified specialists only. Resin based hardeners at low temperatures reduce the chemical reaction rate depending on the period of work and reaction, surface temperature and ambient humidity. This also increases the hardening period of the surface and the useful life of the product. At the same time the consumption increases as the thickness grows. At high temperatures chemical reactions accelerate, and the mentioned above parameters reduce.

To provide complete drying the ambient and surface temperatures should not fall below the allowed minimum. When using the product the surface should be protected from contact with water within at least 24 hours. In case of contact with water before the 24-hour period expiration, liming and softening of the surface will occur, and as the result the applied product will lose its specified properties. In this case the product should be removed from the surface and replaced with fresh one.

As the Staltop EX-50 product is manufactured ready for application, do not mix it with any solvents, etc, when using. The product should be mixed with a 300-400 RPM mechanical mixer. It is not allowed to mix the product by hands. After the first mixing stage is accomplished the mixture should be mandatory poured into another clean container and mixed again. After use of the product all hand tools and devices should be cleaned with detergent. After hardening the Staltop EX-50 product can be removed from the surface by mechanical means only.

Technical specifications


Transparent and colored

Storage temperature

-200 C - +800 C


1.10 kg/liter

Resistance to:

  • compression
  • flexural
  • peeling off


>60 N/mm2

>25 N/mm2

>2 N/mm2

Useful life

60 minutes

Time to put into operation for traffic loads:

  • at the temperature +100 C
  • at the temperature +200 C
  • at the temperature +300 C


In 7 days

In 3 days

In 2 days

Full hardening period

In 7 days


Staltop EX-50 colored

  • Component A
  • Component B

Staltop EX-50 transparent

  • Component A
  • Component B



6.0 kg iron cans

3.0 kg iron cans


5.54 kg iron cans

3.0 kg iron cans


Depending on the application area the Staltop EX-50 product consumption may differ.

Shelf Life and Storage Method

The product can be stored during 12 months packed in original sacks in dry and cool conditions, protected from freezing. For short-term storage period the sacks may be placed one upon the other in three layers, and at the time of application the lower layer sacks should be used first. In case of long-term storage the product packages should not be laid one upon another.


  • keep away from fire;
  • ventilate the storages and application areas;
  • when using the product observe regulations of operational and personnel safety, wear appropriate protective clothing, safety gloves, glasses, and respirators;
  • taking into consideration that the product may cause allergic reactions and itch, take care to avoid contact of its components with skin or eyes, otherwise immediately rinse them with large amount of water and wash with soap;
  • in case you swallow the product, immediately consult a physician;
  • do not keep food products in the areas of the solution application;
  • keep the product away from children;
  • parameters indicated above have been received on the basis of laboratory tests conducted in the ambient conditions of +230C±20C temperature and 50% +5% humidity. Depending on the actual ambient conditions these parameters are subject to change.

Warranty and technical support

  • information indicated in technical specifications is based on scientific and experimental data;
  • Matanat А company is responsible for the product quality only;
  • with the exception of cases of works executed under the supervision of the company specialists, Мatanat А company shall not be liable for any problems occuring due to improper use of the product by other persons;
  • the company reserves the right to make changes in its product in consequence of scientific-and-technical development;
  • for technical support and/or more information please do not hesitate to contact the Matanat А company!