"MA Pool" antibacterial grout joint filler (1-6 mm)

"MA Pool" antibacterial grout joint filler (1-6 mm)

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Product Description

Cement based elastic joint filling mixture, enriched with mixtures increasing material quality and resistance to cracks, enhancing potential of the product usage, improving the properties of waterproofing, color retention and smoothness of surfaces, designated for humid areas. The product is manufactured in colors available at the time of order placement. The product conforms to the requirements of AZS 321-2008 (TSEN 13888) standard.

Fields of Application

This joint filling mixture can be applied in the following areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor, on horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • Humid areas such as swimming pools, bath houses, saunas, thermal springs;
  • Other areas of continuous contact with water: showers, valves, etc.
  • Filling of 1-6 mm joints in facing materials, such as granite, marble, different size ceramics, cotto, limestone, glass mosaic, and others;


  • Easy preparation and use;
  • Resistant to discoloration, does not form cracks and prevents fading of colors;
  • Shows high waterproof properties;
  • Prevents development of epiphytes, bacteria, and fungus on the surfaces due to its anti-bacterial properties;
  • Resistant to cleaning operations in the conditions of up to +1500C temperature and 100 bar water pressure.

Method of application

Preparation of the surfaces. Please be careful to the surface to be used: it should be firm, dry, clean, and should have required dimensions; the surface should be totally free of oil and paraffin residues deteriorating adhesive force.

Preparation of mixture. Carefully pour 20kg powder mix to 7.0 –7.4 liters of water and mix until it is entirely homogeneous (to prepare the mixture it is recommended to use slow circulation mixer). Give the mixture 3-5 minutes to set, mix again before application.

Application. Spread the mixture over the surface, then fill joints in a criss-cross manner using rubber trowel and strike off extra amounts. Clean the surface using wet sponge in 20-30 minutes. Once it is dry treat the surface using coarse chintz to give it brilliance. Prepared mixture should be used within 2 hours. Do not use the mixture after this period expired. Keep an eye on the amount of water added to powder mix, do not use if it is too watery. Application of product with excessive water may cause cracks, concaves, quick erosion, dusting and color change.

Recommendations. If at the time of application of MA Pool joint filling mixture the environmental temperature exceeds the limits of +50C- +300C range, the required temperature should be provided. The product should not be used in warm (above +300C), rainy and windy weather conditions. After the useful life expiration the MA Pool joint filling mixture in no case should be diluted with water or fresh powder mix. The treated area can be put into operation in 24-48 hours after execution of joint filling works. After use all hand tools and devices should be cleaned with water.

Shelf Life and Storage Method

The product can be stored during 12 months packed in original sacks in dry conditions on wooden racks, maximum 10 sacks per rack.


  • taking into consideration abundance of admixtures in the composition of powder mix, immediately wash it with water in case of contact with skin or eyes;
  • when using pay particular attention to cleanliness of the containers;
  • do not add to the powder mix any substances, with the exception of water.
  • do not add PVA;
  • parameters indicated above have been received on the basis of laboratory tests conducted in the ambient conditions of +230C±20C temperature and 50% + 5% humidity. Depending on the actual ambient conditions these parameters are subject to change.

Warranty and technical support

  • information indicated in technical specifications is based on scientific and experimental data;
  • Matanat А company is responsible for the product quality only;
  • with the exception of cases of works executed under the supervision of the company specialists, Мatanat  А company shall not be liable for any problems occuring due to improper use of the product by other persons;
  • the company reserves the right to make changes in its product in consequence of scientific-and-technical development;
  • for technical support and/or more information please do not hesitate to contact the Matanat А company!