"ROKOL" 100 binder primer ready to use

"ROKOL" 100 binder primer ready to use

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Product description

Acrylic based ready for application liquid product, enriched with mixtures enhancing potential of the product usage.

Fields of Application

This primer can be applied in the following areas:

  • Reducing water absorption of surfaces, such as gypsum, concrete, plaster, flooring plaster, wood, and in the same time increasing adhesive ability of cement based materials;
  • Applied before execution of final facing works on old surfaces;
  • Applied before application of various materials such as ceramics, facing tiles, levelling mixture, insulation materials, paint, in order to provide better results;
  • Advantages
  • Ready to application;
  • Prevents spalling of treated surfaces, followed by formation of cracks;
  • Increases effectiveness;
  • Saves material consumption.

Application procedures

Preparation of the surface. Please pay attention to the treated surface: it should be healthy, dry, clean, and should have required dimensions. The surface should be totally free of fat and paraffin residues deteriorating adhesive force.

Application. Shake the BINMADER 200 product before use, then apply onto the surface using paddle roller or brush. The material hardening period is 45-60 minutes (do not conduct any works on the surface until it hardens). In case of performing work on surfaces with high water absorption properties, such as gypsum, apply 2 layers of the material.

Recommendations. If at the time of the BINMADER 200  primer application the ambient temperature exceeds the limits of +50C - +300C range, then the required temperature level should be provided. The product should not be used in warm (above +300C), rainy and windy weather conditions. After use all hand tools and devices should be cleaned with water.


The BINMADER 200 bonding primer consumption is 120 g/m2. To be used as follows:

  • For indoor areas add 7 liters of water per 1 liter of the product;
  • For outdoor areas add 1 liter of water per 1 liter of the product.

Shelf Life and Storage Method

The product can be stored during 12 months in original sacks in dry conditions.


  • taking into consideration that this is a complex composition mixture, immediately rinse it with water in case of contact with skin or eyes;
  • do not add any substances not indicated in the application instructions;
  • parameters indicated above have been received on the basis of laboratory tests conducted in the ambient conditions of +230C±20C temperature and 50% + 5% humidity. Depending on the actual ambient conditions these parameters are subject to change.

Warranty and technical support

  • information indicated in technical specifications is based on scientific and experimental data;
  • Matanat А company is responsible for the product quality only;
  • with the exception of cases of works executed under the supervision of the company specialists, Мatanat  А company shall not be liable for any problems occuring due to improper use of the product by other persons;
  • the company reserves the right to make changes in its product in consequence of scientific-and-technical development;
  • for technical support and/or more information please do not hesitate to contact the Matanat А company!