"HYDROELASTIC" adhesive, resistance to water (grey)

"HYDROELASTIC" adhesive, resistance to water (grey)

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Product Description

Nanotechnology cement based hydro-elastic adhesive, grey color, monocomponent, enriched with mixtures enhancing potential of the product usage, provides waterproofing in humid Fields of Application, and has specific adhesive force and high elasticity. Adhesive conforms to the requirements of AZS 039-2000 (TS-11140 - 1993) standard “Adhesives – cement based (hydraulic conjunction), suitable for glazed, ceramic, and floor tiles”.

Fields of Application

This ceramic adhesive can be applied in the following areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor;
  • Humid areas such as swimming pools, bath houses, thermal springs, and saunas;
  • Adhesive bonding of ceramic, granite, and other large-size facing tiles onto such surfaces, as concrete, plaster, flooring plaster;
  • Gluing of ceramic and other tiles onto surfaces without removal of previously applied ceramic, granite, and marble tiles.


  • Easy preparation and use;
  • It is possible to easily bond ceramic and other facing tiles from top downward;
  • Irreplaceable hydro-elastic adhesive for places of continuous contact with water, such as swimming pools, bath houses, thermal springs, saunas, and others;
  • Resistant to freezing and warm weather conditions;

Application procedures

Preparation of the surface. Please pay attention to the surface to be used: it should be firm, dry, clean, and should have required dimensions; the surface should be totally free of fat and paraffin residues deteriorating adhesive force. In case the surface has 5-6 mm deep cracks or pores, they should be filled with Filkret repair mixture the day before use. In addition the surface to be used should first be dampened or primed with Binmader primer.

Preparation of the mixture. Carefully pour 25 kg of powder mix into 6.0 - 6.5 liters of water and mix till it is entirely homogeneous (to prepare the mixture it is recommended to use slow circulation mixer). Give the mixture 3-5 minutes to set, mix again before application.

Application. Apply thin coat of the mixture onto the surface using flat side of trowel. Then trowel over the applied mixture with toothed side of the trowel according to the tile dimensions. It is recommended to use combined method of gluing for 60х60 cm and larger size facing tiles (according to this method adhesive is applied onto the surface and combed, and it is applied also onto the back side of the facing tile, whereupon the tile is pressed to the combed surface). 
The right moment for gluing the tile onto the surface with applied mixture is defined by fingertip control (pressing) of the mixture. If the mixture sticks to the finger the tiles can be applied to the surface. This period should not exceed 30 minutes. In case the mixture applied to the surface has been coagulated, it should be scrapped, and tiles should be laid after repeated application of the mixture and combing it with toothed trowel. 
Prepared mixture should be used within 2 hours. We do not recommend to use the mixture after this period expired and crust formed.
Filling of joints can be executed: on walls in 24 hours after application of the mixture, and in 48 hours on floorings.

Recommendations. If at the time of application of HİDROYAP adhesive the environmental temperature exceeds the limits of +50C- +300C range, the required temperature should be provided. The adhesive should not be used in warm (above +300C), rainy and windy weather conditions. Ceramics having high moisture absorption degree should be saturated with water before use. After the useful life expiration the product in no case should be diluted with water or fresh powder mix. After use all hand tools and devices should be cleaned with water.


Amount of adhesive consumed (in kg) per 1 m2 surface depends on thickness of adhesive layer applied onto the surface during the working period and dimensions of trowel teeth:

Shelf Life and Storage Method

The product can be stored during 12 months packed in original sacks in dry conditions on wooden racks, maximum 10 sacks per rack.


  • taking into consideration cement base of the HİDROYAP adhesive and abundance of admixtures in its composition, immediately wash it with water in case of contact with skin or eyes;
  • do not add to the mixture any substances not mentioned in the method of application;
  • parameters indicated above have been received on the basis of laboratory tests conducted in the ambient conditions of +230C±20C temperature and 50% + 5% humidity. Depending on the actual ambient conditions these parameters are subject to change.

Warranty and technical support

  • information indicated in technical specifications is based on scientific and experimental data;
  • Matanat А company is responsible for the product quality only;
  • with the exception of cases of works executed under the supervision of the company specialists, Мatanat  А company shall not be liable for any problems occuring due to improper use of the product by other persons;
  • the company reserves the right to make changes in its product in consequence of scientific-and-technical development;
  • for technical support and/or more information please do not hesitate to contact the Matanat А company!