ROKOL hammertone paint

ROKOL hammertone paint

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Product description

Quick-drying, styrene alkyd-based, topcoat decorative metallic paint

Fields of use:

It is used as topcoat paint on all types of metal surfaces, machines, steel structures. 


  • Adheres perfectly to the surface;
  • Creates a decorative look similar to a hammer blow;
  • Dries faster than other paints;
  • It is long lasting;
  • Does not crack;
  • Does not break down;
  • Maintains its color for many years;
  • Protects metal from corrosion.

Instructions for use

Surface preparation: The surface should be cleaned of oil, dirt, dust and, most importantly, the existing paint before applying paint.

Preparation of the mixture: The paint should be diluted with the required amount of ROKOL cellulose thinner or other similar product before use.

Application:  The paint should be applied to the surface by spraying. The tools should be cleaned with cellulose thinner after finishing work. The decorative look created by the paint on the surface can vary depending on the color.

Recommendations: After finishing work, the paint container should be tightly closed.

Technical specifications:

Ingredients: Alkyd resin

Color: In different colors

Density: 1.0-1.1 gr/ml

Dry residue: 47%±3

Drying time-dry-to-touch time: 20-25 min. Complete drying: 24 hours

Consumption: one layer -1l/10-12 m²

Shelf life: One year if stored in a cool, dry place

Packaging: 0.85; 2.5 l steel containers 


Do not keep the paint in direct sunlight and at temperature above 30 degree!

  • Keep the paint out of reach of children.
  • Store in closed containers in a cool place.
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Flammable
  • Irritates the eyes.

Warranty and technical support

  • Details specified in the technical specifications is based on scientific and practical knowledge;
  • Matanat A warrants that the product meets the relevant technical specifications and state standards.
  • Matanat A is not responsible for any problems that may arise due to off-label use by other users, except for the work performed under the guidance of the company`s specialists;
  • The company reserves the right to make changes to the product regarding scientific and technical development;
  • Contact Matanat A for technical support or more information!