“Matanat A” met with masters again


Masters and Architects Club” functioning within “Matanat A” and bringing more than 2000 craftsmen together is actively continuing its activity. Thus, in April the company held its next meeting with the craftsmen. The specialists of the company participating in the meeting answered the questions of the masters. During the event the craftsmen were informed in details, about the latest construction technologies, new innovative products and rules of application of such products. At the same time, along with the products they have been using for many years such as Matanat A, AĞDAĞ, İzolatexe etc., they were acquainted with new brands produced by “Matanat A”. These brands include ROKOL, Qraniyap, PARAKONTAKT, etc. The masters noted that they are in great need for products like these new brands.

The main purpose of the “Masters and Architects Club” established by “Matanat A” to bring together the local professional masters are to hold regular meetings and to establish permanent relations for improving the knowledge and skills of the masters, to organize trainings and seminars on various topics, to hear their questions and proposals, to provide effective and detailed information about the developments in the fields of their activity.

The company will hold further meetings with the masters.