"Matanat A" holds large-scale presentation of new products and construction technologies on 29 may 2009


On 29 May, Matanat A, being one of the innovative companies in the construction sector, held a huge event in the Baku Entertainment Centre with the participation of CEOs of construction firms, architects and contractors for the purpose of presentation of its new products and advanced construction technologies. AGDAG gypsum-based plaster, a substitute for rough plaster, was demonstrated at the presentation. The 21st century was proclaimed as the Century of Gypsum. As in Europe and Turkey, in our country interior surfaces should be finished with AGDAG gypsum-based plaster not with the rough one, since houses, villas and buildings plastered with AGDAG materials are considered to be healthy. AGDAG provides energy savings and protects premises against dampness. Just one coat of the plaster makes the surface ready for further painting that also means cost and time saving. The company CEO recommended all construction firms engaged in high-rise building construction to use AGDAG product for plastering interior surfaces having noted that this would ensure success for their projects and provide healthy living space for our people. Next the AGDAG SEASON campaign was announced. Customers will have an opportunity to buy AGDAG plaster from Matanat A at the best price during this campaign which will cover June, July and August.

At the same time the company presented other new products including insulating materials, facade thermal insulating materials, epoxy resin-based products, foundation hardeners and concrete mixes and stated that these new products offer a simple solution for long-standing problems in construction.

At the end of the event, a new corporate web-site of the company www.matanata.com was presented. Participants were familiarized with a new service of this web-site, the Material Consumption Calculator. By inputting the length and width of the premises under repair via this service, users can determine adequate volume of any product.

Continuously introducing new construction solutions into our country, Matanat A is always guided by total customer satisfaction in its activity.